Check out our frequently asked questions below.

If you still need help please contact us at info@flowerandfray.com.

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How will I know if an item will fit me?

Helpful fit details will be listed with each apparel item.

How long will it take for me to recieve my order?

We typically ship orders within 24 hours! If you havent recieved your order in 7-10 business days please utalize your tracking information, and follow up with the shipping provider. Once a package leaves our shop, we cant be held responsible for it, but please do email us with any concerns.

What if I need to make a exchange or return?

If you need to send something back, dont worry! We want you to be happy with your purchase. Please see the Refund Policy information for more details.

Can I sell my goods in your shop?

We would love to connect with you. Please send submissions to us by email at info@flowerandfray.com.

Please include:

Name, business, email, website, information about you and your product, your physcal location, current Stockists (if any), your order minimum, a link to line sheets and any other information that would be helpful to see if you'd be a good fit for Flower and Fray. We do our best to reply to all submissions in a timely manner. Thank you!

What sets you apart from other online boutiques and shops?

We are a small family business with few employees and we handle every aspect of your order from start to finish. Everything we carry goes directly through our hands to yours. We carefully source and make items inspired by you, for you, and try to bring unique and special items to the shop continually. We consider our shop to be vibrant, joyful, eclectic and whimsical in its mix of goods. Handmade, new, vintage and curated looks and decor to help you personalize your style and inspire you. We strive to be one of a kind and we never compare or model ourself after any other shops. We love who we are, and stay true to that everyday. We work for you with lots of heart and hope you enjoy it here! When you shop with F&F, you will undoubtably feel at home, taken care of, and more like a friend than a customer. Thank you so much for being here, YOU are appreciated!

I received the wrong item or a damaged item. What should I do?

Not to worry! Please see Refund Policy for more information.

My order isn't here and its been 14+ business days OR the tracking says "DELIVERED" and I never received my package.

I'm sorry your package isn't in your hands! Once it leaves me, unfortunately I dont have any control. I see exactly what you see on tracking information.

Here's my advise.

1. Check with a spouse or roomate if applicable. Many times a package is brought in and set aside with out knowledge of recepient.

2. Check with your neighbors or an "office" if applicable to make sure your package wasn't picked up or delivered somewhere close by on accident. This happens occasionally and packages are often recovered.

3. Put a call in to your local USPS office. They will be able to talk directly to your mail carrier and see if they have any helpful information on your package. If not, they will be able to file a claim for you through the PO on your missing package.

It's rare, but this happens sometimes. I'm a small shop so I cant be responsible for lost/stolen mail, however; If I can assist you in any way, please reach out to me! Fingers crossed your package finds its way to you!